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L’Ange Hair Titanium Ondulè- Curly hair in 10 minutes!

Last week I got my hair straightener curling iron. First of all, the wonderful pink and white packaging is very well cared for and fashionable. Inside, in addition to the curling iron, there is the dry shampoo, the anti-humidity spray and the anti-scald glove. I tried the curling iron the other morning, I was running, I had just washed my hair and there was also a lot of moisture. I said, let’s try it! I confess that I was quite frightened by the use of this “tool” because when I was a teenager I have memories with my mom that we tried to make the much (by me) beloved buds (I would always have liked to have them of course) but, first: it took us hours. Having always had long hair, many and heavy, we took a lot of time and second: they lasted no time because with hair so heavy they immediately broke up despite liters of lacquer on the hair, hairspins of all kinds to try to keep the curly shape and nothing the joy lasted very little! In addition, I still remember the few times that I tried to make my own curls! Help! I never got out, shapes that were not bushings then different shapes and since my former hairdresser had the pliers integrated, this always left its mark on me and was horrible! In short, I’ve always had bad experiences, so much so that at the confirmation of my brother for the umpteenth time I had fallen and I had even folded the hairdresser (one of the most renowned in the country) and within a short time were so without a shape, neither smooth nor moved, which I hate! That I had to tie them up with a nasty tail at the last minute. My hairdresser in Italy, Denise knows it very well … every time she tells me: “from this time we change and we do the curly crease” but she knows by now that I do not fall for it anymore and I tell her that I know that zero time no longer holds anything and from 16 years to now I think I have never tried again! Even my husband with whom we have been together for 9 years has seen me practically either smooth or with the move of the braid (wedding hairstyle aside, which was still a chignon).

And so now that you know my past, you know how “frightened” I have tried this product. But it went unexpectedly well! First of all, as I told you, I was in a hurry and I had to go out in no time. So I tried and …1. warms up in 3 seconds not even 2. in 10 minutes I had all my hair full of ringlets 3. have lasted for several hours despite the humidity, the length of my hair etc.. I am super completely satisfied with this curling iron. Very easy to use. Plus PINK and pink gold. I love it! From now on you will see me much more often with my beloved curls!
Thanks to this company! It has changed my idea of hair with curls forever! I love her <3

For more info here: Langehair

Price 129,00$

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