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Girls, do you think it is worth spending a lot of money on the Dayson hair dryer or are there good alternatives? Allow me to introduce Laifen Swift Special High Speed Hair Dryer

Hi girls! Today I want to tell you about this new brand that I also recently discovered because it’s a fairly new brand born in 2019, and as always I took my time before telling you about it because I wanted to try it and test it on myself and not only on me, yes...Read More

{:en}&Sunny beauty products with all-natural ingredients.{:}{:it}&Sunny beauty products with all-natural ingredients.{:}

{:en} Here I am girls I’m super excited today to tell us about &Sunny! I finally got this amazing product.  But first I’d like to say a few words about this company. &Sunny offers high quality products and above all they don’t contain anything harmful to health like unfortunately most cosmetics products (alas). It is...Read More