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{:en}Babysense Video Baby Monitor 3,5″ model V35US – Very easy to use!{:}{:it}Babysense Baby Monitor modello V35US – Super semplice da usare!{:}

{:en} Hello girls in this post I’ll tell you about this super comfortable baby monitor. One of the few things I missed for Aurora, the package was delivered to me a few weeks ago and in this time I wanted to experience them to give you a sincere opinion of how I found myself. The...Read More

{:en}White Nivå Sudio wireless earphones- Super elegant and great sound!{:}{:it}Nivå Sudio auricolari senza fili- Super eleganti e ottimo suono!{:}

{:en} These days I’ve been getting these fantastic earphones by Nivå Sudio. Since I have received them, I always wear them in practice. They are really comfortable. There are earphones and earphones, I’ve tried many of them and usually I find it hard to keep them up because they are uncomfortable for me. But these...Read More