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{:en}PinkBlush Green Lace & Cotton Maxi Dress Sleeveless: For a super cool pregnant woman!{:}{:it}PinkBlush Abito Lungo Verde con dettaglio in Pizzo: per donne incinta super cool!{:}

{:en} I received two dresses from this brand for the first time. But I’ve known it for a long time now, as I was browsing through the pages of Instagram and seeing beautiful photos of pregnant women in these beautiful clothes. The ones that impressed me the most (those who have learned to know me...Read More

{:en}Tubby Todd Bath Co- The Best for your skin and your Baby’s Skin. Natural & Organic {:}{:it}Tubby Todd prodotti per la pelle. Il Migliore per la tua Pelle e quella del tuo Bambino. Naturale & Organica!{:}

{:en} Tubby Todd is a fantastic company. The ingredients of its bath products are 100% natural and made with organic ingredients. Gluten-free, dairy-free, animal-free – that’s the key to me! Also as ingredients they have fragrances derived from plants, made in the States, are safe on sensitive skin and for all ages from infants to...Read More

{:en}Koala peluche & Apple pillow from Blabla kids shop: super soft!{:}{:it}Koala Peluche & Cuscino a forma di mela di Blabla Kids Shop: super morbidi!{:}

{:en} A BlaBla friend is a friend for life. A few days ago it’s arrived for a collaboration the apple-shaped pillow and the koala peluche. They are handmade. Each one of them is unique and there is no one identical to the other. And most importantly they are eco-friendly and built with respect to the planet....Read More

{:en}Tinylandus Teepee – White & Grey version: More than just a toy, it’s a design piece in your home!{:}{:it}Tenda Tinylandus – Versione Bianca & Grigia: Non solo un gioco ma un pezzo di design nella vostra casa!{:}

{:en} A few days ago I received Tinylandus’ tepee  And I was very excited about this collaboration because it was what I had always wanted since I was a child. A little place of my own where I could play with Barbie and dolls especially and I remember that I recreated with blankets or umbrellas a...Read More