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Babysense Video Baby Monitor 3,5″ model V35US – Very easy to use!

Hello girls in this post I’ll tell you about this super comfortable baby monitor. One of the few things I missed for Aurora, the package was delivered to me a few weeks ago and in this time I wanted to experience them to give you a sincere opinion of how I found myself. The conclusion after days of testing and that they are really super comfortable to use, even for me that I am a little denied technology was very easy to start them. The package consists of two cameras, a monitor, the sockets for the cameras and the battery charger for the baby monitor. When it arrives you will find the lenses aside and you will simply have to insert them into the cameras as they can be easily replaced. The price is only $89.99. The quality is really great. It has a 3.5″ HD LCD color screen, with the interchangeable wide angle lens offering a wider and clearer angle, so you’re sure to see how it happens in your child’s room. Through the monitor you can talk and communicate with your child and you can even start a series of white noises and lullabies. It also has a night vision that allows you to see your child clearly. Also, you can receive alerts of high or low room temperature or use the 2x digital zoom to really see what’s going on in your baby’s room. you can save on so many things but nothing about your baby’s safety. Babysense


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