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Hello Spud Changing pad cover and set of 3 washcloth all in organic cotton – So soft!

Girls! Now I want to talk about this brand Hello Spud. Its particularity is that it has everything in organic cotton. It deals with various kinds of products all focused on the highest quality cotton! On the site you can find sheets of all kinds, color, prints, covers for the changing table, blankets, towels, hand wipes, skirts for the bed in short, many products all united by the fact that they are made of organic cotton. I think it has a fantastic style and there is really an embarrassment of choice. Among the many things I would have liked, I got the cover for the light pink changing table and the white towels with details in the same shade of pink. In addition to being super soft to the touch they are also aesthetically beautiful. They really decorate my nursery a lot, yesterday as soon as they arrived I immediately decided to open them and cover my changing table with the cover of this company and on my grey chest of drawers there is a show and make the nursery with a much more feminine touch, since until the day before I had only white and gray. It matches perfectly with the pink blankets I already have, and I think it will be one of the covers that I will use most for its quality, softness and aesthetics. You can also find it in light grey and lavender. You can find it on the site with the name of Brooklyn and at the price of $ 15.99.

The washcloth are also very beautiful with those pink ruffles on the end are also very soft and suitable for the delicate skin of the newborn. The cover as you can see from the pictures came with its cover with the button holder that you can use for other things, I for example immediately used it to put inside the small hair accessories for my Aurora. The price is $14.99 and the size is $10 “x10”. you find three inside a box. you will also find everything combined, in addition to the wipes that I took, you will also find the same washcloth, the skirt for children’s bed, in short, you can take a single set and furnish the entire room. For now I do not have the cot yet, I will take it later, I have the cradle that is fine since you are about 6 months old, but when I have the bed I will come back to find this brand. I love his unique style, elegant, delicate with all soft shades. I was also undecided on a white changing mat cover with pink unicorns, a love! But you can’t take everything! I would recommend this super brand with great attention to detail. I’ll let you take a look at their website. HelloSpud

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