Marina Kids: the best indoor playground

Hello girls today I want to tell you about Marina Kids. I held my three-year-old daughter Aurora’s wonderful party there and I fell in love with this place and I want to tell you more about it. 

Marina Kids is an indoor playground that recalls the underwater environment , where marine animals and children play in a magical indoor park! Parents can take advantage of the offered “Super Fun Drop” service to dine and enjoy the entertainment CityPlace Doral has to offer while their children play. 

Marina Kids, the world of super fun, is a themed indoor playground for children (ages 1-12).

The thing I love about Marina Kids is that it offers an entertainment experience with a purpose.

The brand story allows us to make every child dream of being part of the Eco Patrol (defenders of the marine ecosystem) and help our superhero “Nautical” defend Marina Kids from the villain “Contaminator.” 

It’s great that they have a mission by inviting children to defend the Marina Kids ecosystem from the villain CONTAMINATOR. Through activities, structure messages and theater performances we will convey the message. Nautico is the superhero of Marina Kids and with the Eco Patrol (the Marina Kids staff) will defend the ocean.

“IN A BEAUTIFUL PLACE UNDER THE BLUE SEA, where marine life coexists through the beauty of animals, dazzling corals and colorful underwater plants, a super fun world like no other is recreated called Marina Kids.

In Marina Kids lives NAUTICO, the superhero, who will always defend, together with the children and the ECO-PATROLS (staff), all ocean life from the evil plans of the CONTAMINATOR (villain) and his ally Smelly Jelly. The ECO-PATROLS will always be on the alert and make all children Eco-Protectors by nature.

Together with NAUTICAL, you will meet his unique partner OCTITO, a cuddly little “advisor” who will help you in the defense of Marina Kids.

Also, friends, don’t lose sight of Shrimpy, Flyer Oak, Jo-Sharkie and Seahorse, other inhabitants who will be part of this super-fun world.

Thus begins a story in which children will be the main protagonists helping to preserve Marina Kids a super fun world THAT THEY WANT SO MUCH, IN WHICH THEY LAUGH SO MUCH, FOR WHICH THEY FIGHT SO MUCH…

Through a magical and fun experience of activities and attractions, every child will experience memorable moments with their parents, whether playing on any given day or celebrating a birthday party.

Attractions and activities include: a soft and contained play structure, a themed play area, a 9D virtual reality simulator, Atari Arcade game tables, video game stations, and our Activity Zone, where we develop Mini Chef, Draw Alive, Clay Creations, among other experiences and where they present plays, puppet shows, and many other themed shows.

Their services include:

– Daily Open Play.

– Super Fun Drop: children play while parents enjoy the mall premises (ages 6 and up only, conditions apply).

6 years and older only, terms and conditions apply).

– Birthday parties like the one I did for my daughter Aurora for more information see my previous blog post and visit IG/FB @marinakidspark for more information. 

Now I will explain a little more about them: 

Marina Kids is an indoor theme playground that offers daily open play, super fun delivery service and exclusive birthday party packages. It is recommended for children from 1 to 12 years old.

But why not. Also for adults who want to be kids again for a few hours together with their children. 

Marina Kids is open daily. In summer from 10 a.m.

Admission: $20/child, $15/child (3 children or more), $10 brother or sister. All tickets

include unlimited use of attractions and time. PARENTS ARE FREE OF CHARGE,

they can play and use all attractions.  They offer free Activity Zone, you need to search in their IG account

@marinakidspark days and times. In the Activity Zone your children will

will draw, play with clay, dance, participate in raffles, among other things.

Their Instagram @marinakidsapark

On Instagram account you will find the calendar of open games, activities and events for a week every Monday.

And the calendar of events for a week.

Marina Kids is a shoeless facility. Cleanliness and maintenance are a must. So remember socks for children and adults are mandatory! 

Hello girls, women, mothers or why not? Those who will soon be mothers like me. I’m Sara born in 1991, Italian but currently living in the United States. I lived in New York for a year, and now I live in Miami Beach.