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Baby Deedee Sleeping bag Luxurious faux fur and baby pajamas pink – No more blankets!

Hi girls always today I want to talk about this brand: Baby Deedee. This company was founded by a mother who had problems making her baby fall asleep in 2008, her maternal instinct led her to think that in a place where the baby felt comfortable and safe she would sleep better so she pushed her to create a sleeping bag in the shape of a cocoon with a soft cotton outside filled with a light and breathable quilt and super soft. I thought of it because she also felt comfortable sleeping in the duvet and would certainly not mind her son! Nine months later the sleep nest created by her was born, since similar versions already on the market could not satisfy her. So even today her other daughter uses this sack and even the mother remains more quiet than with a normal blanket that the child kicks or that could end up in the mouth at the risk of suffocation, also sleep dreams quiet and in a warm and welcoming place. The company was born from this sleeping bag but she went on to design items that would make life easier for parents and children themselves. In fact, if you go to their site find the variety of articles.

I’ve got this bag that I can’t wait to try on Aurora and then I’ll let you know. I took it into account that she was born in August here in Miami with the humid heat that will not be able to do handmade air conditioning so I want to be sure that both during the night when I take her to shops or shopping malls she stays warm even in very cold environments with unnatural air also. And Hanoi reassured me that being made in a bag there is no risk that you will discover how with the blanket but I’m sure that as I put it on it is, all night long. Meanwhile I can tell you that it is very soft, really super soft, has this ecological hair that make it look like a pink ecological fur. Super stylish by the way and has this big zip, strong and resistant fuchsia to close this bag. It remains in the vest sleeveless and under the ideal is just put there the second garment that came to me, this fantastic pink pajamas. That matches perfectly, it also remains super soft, has patches on the knees and elbows and a zipper to facilitate the change of the diaper. I find this nightwear look super comfortable and beautiful for my little one! The size ranges from 3-6 months to 2 years, I took the color Heather Pink but as a female there was also gray with pink details for example very beautiful as shades and then other colors and types also the half-sleeved version for example. The price is $27.00. This one piece is made of double layer Indian cotton jersey. It fits the baby’s body perfectly. The bag instead is called Sleep nest Teddy, it comes 39.00$ and goes from a small size to a large one, I took the small one that includes from 0 months to 6. And also this one you can find in many other colors. it is a winter weight and very soft and it is made of synthetic fur. It has snap buttons on the shoulder that facilitate the insertion of the child into the bag. Practically nothing more covered! BabyDeedee

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