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Salt Water Sandals – Two Pairs of sandals in White and Rose gold – Pretty!

Now I’m going to tell you about this brand that just yesterday sent me these two pairs of sandals for my little one. The task of picking up the package was difficult, in the sense that the Fedex courier called me while I was quietly walking with my little dog, but since the signature was required he called me saying that he was in front of my house, so I started walking ultra fast if not running, as little as I could being pregnant obviously, with Albert and it wasn’t already hot! So imagine that I was 10 minutes from home and I got there all sweaty! But being already the second day that passed and leaving for Italy in a few days I absolutely wanted to withdraw it! The expedition by this company has been very fast in not even three days I have arrived Anyway heroic feat of the withdrawal of the package apart, the brand that sent it to me is called Salt Water Sandals and it seems just the perfect name for us, living 10 minutes from the sea, I imagine we will be on the beach often with Aurora. Also because they are really a must have here in the U.S. this type of sandal that is worn for 70 years and never goes out of fashion. I must say that now that I think about it when I was little I had a similar shape but they were made of rubber and were used to go to the beach, right in the water. But these, being made of leather, certainly remain much more stylish even if they are also water resistant.

The leather tends to soften and take the shape of the foot as they are worn and that’s why they are great to put on the beach with the splashes of sea water and will not be damaged. They can be washed by hand in cold water with a mild detergent. I received these two sandals the first in pink gold you can find under the name of Sun San-Sea Wees. This brand produces shoes for children from 0 months to 4 years of age, is handmade, is water friendly and you can find it in many different colors. My second choice went to the white sandaletto I call Sun-San Strap wees, it also has the same characteristics of the other always of the highest quality. It has a braided strap is available only in size 0-4 months is durable and has a comfortable sole, lightweight and padded, the buckle is made of rustproof brass and is available in white or pink. The pink sandal is also available in small sizes and is one of the best-sellers. In addition you will also find the very interesting women’s line with sandals either equal to those of the smallest or lines available only for women. SaltWaterSandals

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