Beck Baby Care Electric Manicure Set. How do you do it without it?

Here I am Moms! I’m here today to tell you about one of my latest discoveries… that happened just a couple of weeks ago… I’m here to talk to you about this amazing nail trimmel. It’s from Beck Baby Care Company, and Beck, the owner of this company is also a mom and her goal was to make life easier for us moms and I think, I can say with certainty that she did it. She was the first to know how complicated it is to cut her children’s nails, and she wanted to simplify this nightmare moment for us mums! It is a unique and patent-pending product. I took these weeks to try it with Aurora, my little girl who is already 9 months old (by the way, how time passes quickly) and today I would like to advise you… I was wondering how I did it before without it? It is really super easy to use and it fills perfectly the nails of the little ones without risking to hurt them… in 3 minutes at most the nails are filed. It’s so quiet that many times I file them while he sleeps. It is ultra safe and has various blades in different colours that differentiate your child’s age and is also suitable for mothers because we also need a manicure! For Aurora’s age I used the pink file. It also has a led light to further simplify the work that you can do even at night. It is available in two colors pink and blue. Shipping is free and they ship worldwide. Shall we talk about the price then? It is super cheap. At the moment it is also discounted. It has an L/R blade rotation so it is easy to use with both left and right hand. I, for example, am left-handed and had a great time. You can adjust the speed. It’s super compact and you can take it anywhere. It’s very easy to use and is suitable for babies of all ages from a newborn baby. Try it to believe. Here is their Instagram page and their website. I also ordered some clothes for Aurora, I’ll let you know what they look like. On the site you will find many other products. Thanks to Beck and his company for this super product!


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