KIMIBEAR – Such an amazing boutique!

Here I am, girls!  Today’s a beautiful day!  The package from one of my beloved boutiques, Kimibears, has arrived super fast, by the way. 


Once again, it wasn’t easy to choose the clothes for my little Aurora, because there’s so much to choose from.  All dressed in my style by the way, super contemporary and fashionable, very tasty!  Go and see for which of you we still did it for!  Here’s the first article about them. 


I had these four looks arrive today.  Let’s start with the first one.  I chose a swimsuit for Aurora because we live in Miami Beach, the beach is one of the places we frequent the most.  Among the swimsuit models available I chose this one in yellow and white striped pattern, with lace details, two pieces.  Then, thinking about the upcoming 4th of July, the most important holiday for Americans, I made her this wonderful outfit as a real American.  Two pieces with a blue skirt with stars and a bow on the back.  The comfortable thing is that it has the panties and the red and white striped top piece with a satin bow as a closure on the neck.  It fits her like a charm!  My little American girl, how beautiful she is!  As a third look, I got her this light jeans dungarees that are too fashionable!  Including gray t-shirts with puffy half sleeves.  For now it is still big but I promise you her photos with the overalls worn as soon as they fit and it doesn’t miss much… it grows so fast!  And last but not least, I’ve already thought about Christmas!  I know, I know it’s still a long way from winter and Christmas, but as many of you know, it’s my favorite time of year and I’m already getting on with it and then after seeing this dress I immediately fell in love with it!  On the front the print of a deer and the thing that drives me crazy is the skirt in more layers of tulle than a-m-o!  With silver glitter tips!  It’s really spectacular and I can already see it with a beautiful Christmas tree in the back. 


More and more satisfied with this magnificent boutique.  Really good quality, great value for money, fast shipping.  Lots of choice for both baby and toddler, and the matching mother and daughter that I love are also available in their shop recently.  Thanks again to this wonderful boutique for the seriousness, quality and speed!  We will celebrate this July 4th with their magnificent outfit and a fantastic three chocolate cake that we have already ordered. 


Have a good day and have a good weekend on the 4th of July girls!    Kisses kisses



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