Nella Pima: the highest quality for our little ones!

Here I am girls! Today I’m here to tell you more about the Pima, this fantastic company. In the previous post I told you about this brand even before my little one was born. And right from the start I noticed the quality and excellence of Pima cotton, from which this company takes its name. This is the previous post if you would like to go and have a look: Nella Pima baby sack, hat and robe – All in pink! Very luxury brand!

As I told you in the previous post, I used the robe and the bag for my little girl coordinated shortly after she was born and I must confirm that it is exceptional. The fabric after several washes remains as new, if not even softer!


That’s why today I am even more pleased to tell you about what I received in recent days. I’ve taken some time to wash, iron and have my little girl use my jumpsuits a few times and I have to confirm all my love for this brand. Cotton is soft to the touch, like silk. The ironing is very fast. I got two jumpsuits and a bib. The first one is white with half sleeve and shoulder pads and puff. It has a rounded collar with a pink detail stitched ac quadrettini ac. The same detail is repeated on the waist, detaching from the total white, in this way it makes it almost look like a broken, super high waist shorts with a polo inserted inside. The shorts have light flounces that go very well with the curled and rounded shoulder strap. The closure is with buttons on the back and to facilitate the change of the diaper has snap buttons on the bottom. It goes with everything, from the elegant to the sporty, I have combined it with a sports shoe and a headband but is also great on its own, with, as an accessory, a nice smile of Aurora. What could be nicer? When our newborns feel comfortable in the clothes they wear, they are more serene, smiling and with the delicate skin they have it is essential that we wear high quality fabrics. The second outfit that came to me wearing it right now, in fact I put there the real images of Aurora, first waking up and then fell asleep. It’s fantastic, it has details with roses, very, very fine. the mannequins are composed of a flounce and on the front has an embroidery on which these roses bloom. On the girls there is an elastic band that gives her the balloon effect. I matched it with a pink band and these fantastic shoes. The bib instead is white with pink detail. The sizes are 3-6 months and dress right.
The fabrics are 100% cotton Pima, are produced in Peru. With a cost of more than $ 150 you have free shipping.
Nella Pima.

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