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The nursery of Aurora today – Shades of pink.

Now I’ll show you how the nursery has turned in a couple of months. I think it’s unrecognizable. And I’m extremely satisfied with that! Only you know how much I love the rose in every nuance and this is the room of my dreams that I would have liked to have the little one too. I’m sure Aurora will like it. Now she’s the only one missing, and I can’t wait to see her born. The bed I chose is from Delta Children, from the Disney collection, needless to say how much I love Disney and Minnie, so the bed could only be this. With a design by Minnie in all shades of pink with flowers and butterflies. For a while I kept the bed without the bar in front so that it formed a sofa, but since I intend to use it right away for the long sleeps of Aurora during the day, I have already prepared for its arrival. Instead, during the night he will use the cradle that I have already shown you, placing it next to the bed so that I do not have to get up to breastfeed. The mattress net can be adjusted in three different heights, I have positioned it as high as possible and as the child grows it adjusts, and in short, the bed grows with our children. Also because then it becomes a bed for toddlers. The mattress that is Serta is water-resistant and comfortable.

Always talking about the bed, the sheets are by Elys and Co and also the skirt of the bed, those of Minnie instead are by Milk Snob. The ultra soft grey hairy blanket is by Baby Aspen. The decorative pillows I love are: the pink heart is from one of my favorite boutiques Dainty Magic, the small pillow with the hand-embroidered name is from Mimas Bebe and the fuchsia pillow with the name super glitter arrived today among other things, is from Little West Street and together they really furnish a lot. Each of them gives a unique touch to the nursery of Aurora. For those who don’t understand, I love the decorative cushions. Another piece of design that I find unique is the carillon with arm for cot that is another beautiful boutique Babe Shows Mobiles, created entirely by hand and customizable as you want. I chose these two shades of pink from the thousand that this brand of mine offered and the white with details of pearls. When I saw this shop on Instagram I already owed this piece in the nursery of Aurora, it had to be there. It decorates and seeing it on excites me.

Exactly above the bed I put the canopy that furnishes a lot and then I love the tulle you know! In the middle of the wall there is the changing table (the changing table cover is by Hello Spud), although for now I leave it as a dresser, while there are still no diapers to change. The pink board is by Northwell and is fantastic, stylish and super useful to customize any room, in my nursery is perfect. Always of the same brand I also got the baby loft fuchsia and white fantasy that I keep in the cradle and then I will place it in the cot to help Aurora to feel in an environment that reminds her of her mother’s belly and then to relax and sleep better and more. The pink cradle sheet is from Kushies Baby.

The mirrored wall decorations are by Kikki and Frenki and the super hairy carpet is by Kroma Carpets. The bag now ready for the hospital is by Stuck On You, personalized with the name of Aurora also. Near the bed I placed the basket of games with all the soft toys and dolls. The beautiful handmade dancer is always by Dainty Magic, she’s super stylish… as I told you I’d buy the whole store! The thing that changes especially is that now the drawers are full of clothes and shoes especially but also dummies, bottles, wipes and so on and so forth! What do you think you like? I’m waiting for your opinions I’m sure you love her as much as I love her… now all that is missing is Aurora. Countdown is 1 month away! I thank these brands for making it perfect and just like I would have wanted my little one’s room!

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