Sauipe swimsuit – elegant and fashionable design!

Here I am girls! How are you? Today I’m here to talk to you about swimsuits and as you well know for me it’s a daily item of the day living in Miami Beach I can’t help but wear a swimsuit daily or at least several times a week.  I confess even if it is not a real confession since you have been following me for years now also on my Instagram profile of swimsuits I have closet really full of every color and genre just because I like to change, high waist, low waist, colored, solid color etc.. about a couple of weeks ago just scrolling on Instagram I discovered Sauipe. And I must say I was fascinated by their Instagram page. I was immediately impressed by the elegant and fashionable designs. So I got to know a little bit about this brand. Sauipe was founded in 2009 by three friends of Brazilian origin who live for sun and sand, and we already have something in common here. It’s the main reason why as an Italian I live in Miami, the city with the sun and the sea and where it’s summer all year round, so who better than me can represent this brand? And this is where my collaboration with them comes from. I’ve already collaborated with many costume companies but I’ve never actually posted on them on my blog because I’ve never found this quality in reality. And as you know on my blog I tell you about companies that I recommend for one reason or another for my personal experience. Anyway I was telling you that they created Sauipe with a simple belief: every woman should own a swimsuit that makes her feel confident, elegant and beautiful. Sauipe is synonymous with high quality and elegant design.

The looks of their swimsuits have a sophisticated and contemporary style. The designs are avant-garde and unique, and the fabrics are only Brazilian fabrics of the highest quality. This means that the Sauipe swimsuit will never stretch or fade.  

Elegant and modern. 

Simply fantastic girls! This quality justifies the price. 

Nina White Halter Top 100,00$

Nina Bottom White 100,00$

Elise Top Spring 105,00$

Jenna Bottom Spring 105,00$

Teresa Cover Up 225,00$

Just arrived I immediately noticed the softness of the fabric feels to the fact that it is of quality. The white one is absolutely my favorite piece with gold dictation. The top piece came individually from the bottom piece so you can match it with other costume pieces of your choice either low or high waist with straps or without but the two pieces together create a unique elegance costume. Then I chose the two pieces yellow patterned, beautiful also beautiful high waist version or whole piece. Last but not least this fancy dress shirt black and white stripes with yellow recall. Very elegant. I love this company and I can not wait to show you wearing them! 

Stay tuned 





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