Kimibear family matching! Amazing!

Hi, how are you girls? 

Just today I got the long-awaited package from KimiBears and I am here today to talk for the third time about this wonderful brand. Here you can find the other two articles about their company.

Kimibears Boutique excellent value for money and super fashionable!

KIMIBEAR – Such an amazing boutique!

Today I will talk about them with even more emotion because it is a category that I love! And it’s exactly “family matching”. I had already mentioned in the previous article that they had added this category to their website already full of wonderful garments. If you go to see them, you will find the super cute, trendy and stylish matching mother and daughter clothes and then also costumes. This time I chose the costumes not only for me and Aurora but for the whole family. I chose this one with fancy leaves on pink background really super nice! It dresses super well, and my husband loved it too. I can’t wait to wear them all together and post some great pictures. Ah sure because I didn’t tell you that we are going on vacation in California I am super excited about this trip, I have never been there and I have been dreaming to see California all my life and although I have been living here in the States for three years we never had the chance to go… and now I finally realize my dream! Anyway if we make a little ‘sea will be the first costumes that we will wear otherwise wait until my return that as you know well here we are always at the beach!  So don’t worry, I’ll keep you guys super up to date as always. 

I don’t know why but since I was little I always liked to see those families where each member has the same shirt rather than the same sweater… in fact when I was little I had the same dancers as my mom I still remember that I liked them a lot and they were my favorite! 

Another item that came to me is this magnificent blue and white striped dungarees with bow on the front. Super tasty, fresh and light! 

Back to Kimibears as always I recommend this brand. I have already used and washed and washed their clothes and they always look great! Free shipping with Fedex super fast for orders over $50. They also have a section dedicated to discounted garments that are super deals also because the starting price is already low. 

Thanks to this fantastic company in New York!

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