Sunny beauty products with all-natural ingredients.

Here I am girls I’m super excited today to tell us about &Sunny! I finally got this amazing product. 

But first I’d like to say a few words about this company. &Sunny offers high quality products and above all they don’t contain anything harmful to health like unfortunately most cosmetics products (alas).

It is based on completely natural elements such as hemp oil and oils such as coconut or shea oil, in short, natural and organic ingredients and essential oils of therapeutic grade, and also uses recyclable and reusable packaging. All their products are created without: synthetic ingredients, parabens, chemical products and without animal testing.

They are handmade products. They combine premium hemp oil with various natural botanical products, including therapeutic and cosmetic essential oils, for additional benefits.

Every single product &Sunny creates must meet high standards of quality and effectiveness.

&Sunny products are made for everyday self care, which is why they offer a variety of products in a variety of perfumes. They offer self care products to use throughout the day, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go back to bed.

From the moment their package arrives to me, I have the mailbox that smells! They’re so fragrant. 

I got “Shine on” whipped sugar scrub. The price I have to say is super affordable at only $33.  It is handcrafted, infused with broad-spectrum hemp oil, allows you to exfoliate the skin and purify it. The deep moisturizing coconut oil blocks moisture after a light exfoliation, while the hints of bergamot and vanilla essential oils give a luminous but soothing and anti-stress effect. The package is 60 ml. I must say super! 

The second product instead is Intense Moistruzing creams and has a price of 37 dollars always for 60 ml. 

Super moisturizer formulated using a combination of broad-spectrum hemp oil and USDA certified organic coconut oil and shea butter for a super bright and radiant skin. A special blend of essential oils with notes of bergamot, pomegranate, sweet orange and vanilla. 

What can I say? Spectacular. As soon as it arrived I couldn’t help but try it right away. Remember before using it, the skin must be clean. 

On their website you will also find other great products. 

Thanks to &Sunny that is a small company that deserves to be known.

Hello girls, women, mothers or why not? Those who will soon be mothers like me. I’m Sara born in 1991, Italian but currently living in the United States. I lived in New York for a year, and now I live in Miami Beach.