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{:en}Dainty Magic Homemade Ballerina Doll – Tulle, Lace, Glitter. Cared for in every detail! Very classy!{:}{:it}Bambola ballerina fatta a mano di Dainty Magic – Tulle, Pizzo, Glitter. Curata in ogni dettaglio! Super di classe!{:}

{:en} Girls! Just yesterday I got this fantastic doll from this small but fabulous boutique in Miami. It doesn’t have a website for now and you can find her wonderful articles on Esty and to inspire you take a look at her beautiful page of Instagram, from which I took inspiration too and that’s where...Read More

..it’s a Girl!

{:en} This is the famous post I’ve been waiting for months and months to share with you girls!  I was looking forward to knowing about the baby’s sex and being able to share it with relatives and friends and of course also with you.  Those who are pregnant like me or those who were pregnant,...Read More

{:en}Pink details – The changing of the nursery since I discovered that it is a female!{:}{:it}Dettagli rosa – Il cambiamento della cameretta del bebè da quando ho scoperto che è femmina!{:}

{:en} Girls! As I anticipated I want to keep you updated on the change of the nursery, which now comes daily hihi; practically when I receive a new product I need to see how it is with others and take pictures to make you participate in these small / big changes! Since I got the...Read More

{:en}You want to take the dog to the States, but you don’t want to put it in the cargo area? Luckily there’s Curnard, the cruise for you and your dog!{:}{:it}Vuoi portare il cane negli Stati Uniti, ma non vuoi metterlo nella stiva dell’aereo? Per fortuna c’è Curnard, la crociera per te e il tuo cane!{:}

{:en} Today I want to talk to you about a very important experience of my life. My transatlantic cruise with the Cunard company. But let’s start from the beginning. It’s been more than two years since my husband and I finally decided to move from Italy to the States, after having been lucky enough to...Read More

{:en}Nursery details – Grey & White. What do you think guys?{:}{:it}Dettagli della Cameretta del bebè. Grigia & Bianca. Cosa ne pensate ragazze? Io la adoro!{:}

{:en} Hello Girls! Today it’s all morning that I move, undo, do, respond again, set up and rearrange everything! Let me explain better … as I have already mentioned in some posts, unfortunately I do not have the nursery (the room dedicated to the baby) so I set up a corner in our bedroom that...Read More